Adena Neglia


adena_negliaAdena Neglia grew up as a competitive figure skater with a large appetite and a passion for food.  She says, “I didn’t always make the healthiest choices, but I was lucky enough to have home cooked meals and mom-made lunches”.  She skated for fourteen years as both a regional and intercollegiate national competitor, competing on the University of Delaware Figure Skating Team. She coached figure skating for several years and trained skaters during their off-ice training sessions. In 2006 and 2007 she was Collegiate Figure Skating National’s Silver Medalist and in November 2008 she received the Gold Medal for the United States Figure Skating National Moves in the Field award.  In her efforts to optimize her diet for competition she developed a great interest in the study of food and nutrition.  This interest combined with her love and passion for food was a natural progression to the study of nutrition and dietetics in college.

Adena graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and received her Master’s degree in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. Her thesis topic focused on designing a nutrition education program for bodybuilding competitors and their coaches. Before joining Brown & Medina Nutrition, she was lead nutritionist at Pyramid Medical Group where she conducted patient assessments, created plans to help patients achieve weight management goals and created individualized menus and meal plans as well as educational handouts.  Additionally, she was the online manager of the nutrition related client inquiries for Oz Wellness Inc where her responsibilities also included the management of the recipe database and research for their blog. Adena has written nutrition articles for publications that include Life and Style, Access Hollywood, Teen Vogue, and People Magazine and has also appeared on NY1.

Adena’s areas of expertise include sports nutrition for all athletes, working with models to meet their dietary demands, and medical nutrition therapy for all ages.  She works with all of her clients diligently along with their parents, other caregivers and coaches (when appropriate) to implement dietary recommendations and improve their overall nutritional health and potential.