Our Philosophy

Healthy Eating…It’s not as complicated as you may think!

At Brown & Medina Nutrition our experienced group of Registered Dietitians provides you with the foundation and tools to make healthy, mindful eating a part of your life. With an understanding and appreciation that each of our clients has unique concerns, we custom tailor our care to meet those specific needs.

Our clients come to us for all types of nutrition related concerns.  We treat each case individually and confidentially. At the start of each nutritionist-client relationship, we take the time to get to know and understand the complexities and concerns of our clients.  Only then can we treat the person holistically.

We feel that a calm and safe environment is a key element for a successful outcome. We took careful measure to create just that in our midtown Manhattan space.  Our office suite is an inviting place to come speak about a subject that for many is highly personal and layered.  Additionally, our staff is inherently compassionate and thoughtful knowing when to push as needed or when to acknowledge a client’s need to step back.  We understand that things can get complicated and one’s dietary intake is often the first thing to falter.

We are always available to work with any and all other members of a medical team.  We have built a network of professional affiliations to support the needs of our clients and can provide referrals as needed.

Our goal is to set you up for a life of health and well-being. To this point, we do not provide quick fixes or promote gimmicks but rather provide instruction, counseling and coaching to bring about meaningful change.

We are here to provide guidance to treat not only what is, but also to prevent what could be.