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The nutritionists at Brown & Medina Nutrition have been very successful in helping my patients lose weight, control their blood sugars, and reduce their cholesterol. They make simple corrections in diet that result in impressive changes and are helpful in recommending dietary supplements. Good Nutrition Counseling is a cornerstone of Good Medical care. I trust Brown & Medina Nutrition to give the good nutritional advice my patients need.

/  Dr. Rebecca J. Kurth, General Internist,
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University  /



I cannot overstate how highly I recommend Brown & Medina Nutrition.

I suffered from an eating disorder for over 35 years, and had diligently sought various forms of recovery and treatment for 17 years without finding significant relief. My nutritionist is the first person who not only identified exactly what was going on, she immediately started shining a light on the pathway out, and all from the very first time we spoke.

Brown & Medina Nutrition has a magical style that is at once intuitive, nurturing, empowering, and honest. My RD is helping me trust myself and my body for the first time in my life. Simply put, working with Brown & Medina Nutrition has changed, and saved, my life.

/  Sarah B., Brooklyn, NY  /



Brown & Medina Nutrition is one of the most knowledgeable and professional nutrition practices we have worked with in our 12 years of doing business.

If you are ever thinking of hiring a nutritionist, Brown & Medina Nutrition should be your first stop. We have come to count on their expertise, professionalism and incredible service-and highly recommend them.

/  Gabriel Valencia, CSCS, MES,
Principal and Personal Trainer — Focus Integrative Fitness, NYC  /



Lisa Brown and Jennifer Medina’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and truly inviting style make them two of the best nutritionists in New York City.

/  Joy Bauer MS, RD, Television Personality & Author  /



I have referred many of my eating disordered patients to Jennifer Medina and Lisa Brown over the past ten years, and have been consistently impressed with their level of professionalism. With a wealth of knowledge, compassion for clients, and the ability to work collaboratively, they are an asset to any treatment team.

/  Erika Doukas, Psy.D.  /